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September 11, 2016


Coffee and Bars will be served by the Board of Education following the service this morning.  Stay, have a cup and fellowship together!


Third Grade Students will be receiving their catechisms during today’s service: Breckin Borchards, Seth  and all teachers will be installed today.  Teachers:  Kids Kingdom Preschool:  Jessie Parsons, Asst. Donna Haase; Sunday School: Deb Steven, Preschool; K-3rd grades, Lisa Haase; 4-6th grades, Stefanie Hatten.  Religion School:  3-4th grade: Allison Christensen; 5-6th grade: Kelly Fitzgerald; and 7-8th Confirmation: Shirlee Alt. LYF Sponsors are: Clark and Allison Christensen and Nicolle Marlow.  A BIG thank you to those who have volunteered to teach this year. 


Special thanks to those who have volunteered your time to teach last year:  Deb and Mary Steven, Lisa Haase, Stefanie Hatten, Allison Christensen Shirlee Alt and to those who helped out with the many crafts.   Karla Schutter, Supt.


Religion School Information:

·         Changes in Religion School – On Wednesday,  September 14th Religion School for 3rd grade through 6th grade will be held at 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. each Wednesday evening.  We will begin at 4:15 p.m. with a snack and then will go to our classes.  We are trying this new schedule to see if this will help ease things for families and the Education Dept. during the vacancy. 


·         7th * 8th Grade Confirmation Class will be holding classes starting today immediately following the service with Shirlee Alt.  Students are required by Rev. Russ Reimers to do 2 sermon notes during the morning services per month and attend class on a regular basis.


·         Parents of 3rd-6th Grade Religion School Students remember to bring multiple snacks for 10 students to the church by September 21st. The snacks will be kept at the church and used throughout the semester. Snacks for September 14th will be provided.


·         Students – Remember to bring Bibles and Catechisms each Sunday and Wednesday. Have memory work and homework completed before class.


LWML Fall Rally is going to be held on Saturday, September 24th with Registration beginning at 10 a.m.  Katie Schuermann will be our speaker .  This will be held at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Lotts Creek.  We would invite the ladies of each of the congregations to come to come. If you wish to come please contact Janice Schealler 515-924-3424 or Kay Luedtke at by September 10th to give her a count.  Information on the speaker-author is on the flyer near the east entrance door. Several of the books she has written are also in our church library.


The Burt Fire Dept. will host a Pork Lion Lunch from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Burt Fire Station on today.  The proceeds will go toward “Bunker Gear”.

Building Healthy Families: Closed caption for all grandparents: Never doubt that you are critically important to the young members of your family. Don’t let their feigned disinterest or preoccupation with their cell phones dissuade you! Engage them often in conversation. They need to know about your family history, your values and your faith. Hearing about their baptism and their place as a child of the King is even better! Research shows that children who know the stories of where they came from have a stronger sense of confidence and security. Those are needed today more than ever.      Lutheran Family Services

Save the Date - The Burt Presbyterian Church will host a concert of a husband and wife team of Blake and Jenna Bolerjack. They will be singing a modern gospel style, and mix of classic and new gospel music with gentle testimonies of love. The Concert will be held on Sunday September 11th at 6:30 p.m.

Library News - Coloring and Coffee will be held at Burt Public Library on Mondays at 10 a.m. September 12th and 26th. Coloring supplies provided.  Early Dismissal Activities will be held on September 14th with Kossuth County naturalist Billie Willie.  Everyone welcome!


This Week at St. John’s  – ( September 11, 2016-September 18, 2016)

Today              8:00   am       Service 

Tuesday          9:00   am       Preschool Begins

Wednesday    9:00   am       Preschool

                        4:15   pm       Snack for Religion School

                        4:30   pm       Religion School Begins

Thursday         9:00   am       Preschool

Next Sunday   8:00   am       Service  (Holy Communion)

                        9:15   am       Sunday School

                        9:15   am       Confirmation Class


Greeters Next Week:         Paul and Roberta Jahnke

Acolyte This Week:           Ushers

Head Usher:                      Roger Lavrenz 

Ushers for September:   * Mike Marlow, Lyle Karels and Terry Tieman

Elder for September:        Boyd Shipler


Note: Pastor Russ Reimers cell number is 507-236-6659.  If you need Pastoral Care, please contact an Elder, the office (924-3344) or Rev. Reimers.


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